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Motocross Riding Holidays South Africa

Whether you are a rider looking to hone your skills or looking for a holiday to cater for your family or friends, look no further we will be happy to assist you.

7 Night Package includes:

Package One:

Package Two:

For prices or for a personalised package and quotation please email or message through the Facebook page: 

For photos of the location and accommodation please see the link below:

FAQs aboutSouth Africa

I am planning to visit South Africa. Which is the best time of the year to book South Africa flights?

South Africa can be visited throughout the year; generally it depends on where you want to go during your trip. If you intend to go for a safari then the best time of the year is Jun to Sep (dry season). Cape Town should be visited in summers during Nov to Mar, Dec to Feb (rainy season) is the best time to go for rafting, and if you love whale watching then Jun to Dec is the time to visit the country. 

If I am to compare all South Africa flights, which one will save me the most time for air travel from London?

Generally, top end air carriers like Emirates and Qatar Airways are expected to take 14 to 15 hours of flight time. Ethiopian Airlines also takes roundabout the same time, but return flights often stretch with a 5 hour stopover at Addis Ababa. With 12 hours of flight time and a stopover which lasts about 1.5 hours, KLM seems to be the most suitable in terms of taking the shortest amount of travel time.

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